Valencia: a guide inspired by Josephine’s journey

We are excited to introduce you to the first destination of our travel guide: Valencia, Spain. A vibrant city that holds a special place in the heart of our founder and designer, Josephine. Discover how her time spent in Valencia shaped the essence of Qué Rico, while uncovering her favourite spots and inspiring experiences.


the birthplace of inspiration

Valencia served as the birthplace of Qué Rico. Living amidst the city's dynamic energy and artistic spirit, Josephine found herself immersed in a world of inspiration. The vibrant colours, patterns and designs of Valencia's architecture and cultural heritage ignited her creativity and laid the foundation for Qué Rico's distinctive aesthetic.

exploring the beauty of architecture and nature

Valencia is a city that seamlessly blends history and modernity. Josephine often sought inspiration within the City of Arts and Sciences, an iconic complex showcasing futuristic designs and housing an opera house and science museum. Within the charming old city center, Josephine found herself drawn to the intricate details gracing the ancient buildings and churches.

Valencia is also blessed with abundant natural beauty. The Túria Gardens, once a riverbed, quickly became Josephine’s favourite spot. It is a place of solace amidst peaceful trails, lush greenery and fragrant orange trees. Captivated by the allure of this place, she was inspired to design the organic Spanish Swirls pattern.


Josephine’s hidden gems

To experience Valencia through Josephine's eyes, we recommend visiting two of her favourite spots. First, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Barrio del Carmen neighbourhood, where narrow streets are adorned with colourful street art and cosy cafés beckon for a leisurely afternoon. Second, escape to the serene Albufera Natural Park, just a short distance from the city, to witness breathtaking sunsets over the tranquil lagoon.


a gastronomic delight

No visit to Valencia would be complete without savouring its culinary treasures. Be sure to explore Mercado Central, where you can indulge in fresh produce, local delicacies and aromatic spices. For a traditional paella experience, La Cigrona is the place to be. Lastly, La Más Bonita is your go-to place for a sunny brunch by the beach.

Valencia, the city that once stole Josephine's heart, continues to inspire Qué Rico. Its stunning architecture, beautiful nature and sun-drenched ambiance have shaped our unique brand. We hope this virtual adventure has sparked your interest and made you eager to explore the wonders of Valencia yourself!

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